Our approach sets us apart. In the rapidly changing marketplace, our dual perspective - decentralized and integrated - is a tremendous advantage.

We know that good decisions are often best made at the local level, where we can see and seize opportunities.

Bunges operating model is based on integrated but decentralized operations and a strong culture built on shared values and a common purpose. Our approach enables us to interpret a global market with a global vision; to meet opportunity where and when it arises with agility and responsiveness; and to supply superior products and services to farmers, customers and consumers around the world.

Maintaining integrated but decentralized operations means striking a balance between the efficiency of a global corporation and the speed of a local business, between the value of a world perspective and the insights and customer relationships born of local knowledge and experience. That is why we emphasize our purpose - to enhance lives by improving the global agribusiness and food production chain - and our values. Our purpose ensures that we are all aligned and moving in a common direction. Our values ensure the communication and trust needed for a network of businesses to operate with latitude and individual initiative and leadership, while each contributing to the same goal.